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Video: NIH head takes to late night television

Francis Collins discusses obesity on the Colbert Report.

Postal Service ends another quarter in the red

After $3.2 billion in net losses, USPS continues to push its own financial improvement plan.

How to Talk With People

There’s a big difference between talking to people and talking with people.

White House reinforces bid to kill unnecessary regulations

New rules may save $6 billion; economics council pursues retrospective analysis.

Vice president again dumb like a fox

Biden cleared path for Obama to declare he now supports gay marriage.

Uncle Sam wants you, at every age

Final rules issued on government’s new strategy to attract students and recent grads of every generation.

Megan Brennan, USPS chief operating officer, says rural post offices will not be closed without 'a viable solution.'

Keep rural post offices open, but cut employee hours and benefits, USPS says

Postal Service changes course on closures and offers new early-out incentive.

Americans trust local government more than Washington

Only 33 percent view the federal government favorably, poll finds.

Romney: Obama is a 'big government' Democrat

GOP candidate hits Obama for focusing economic recovery plan on government-run programs and increasing taxes.

Obama releases familiar 'to-do list' for Congress

Tax incentives that promote insourcing and clean energy among the proposals.