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The Boston Red Sox won the 2013 World Series at Fenway Park in October.

Why Public Executives Need Both Talent and the Elusive Team Chemistry

Even your top players are only as the group’s best effort.

Travis Fugate, a member of the Kentucky National Guard who was blinded by an IED attack in Iraq, wipes his eyes as he testifies on before Congress on May 29, 2014.

After 6 Years, VA Has Added Just One Name to Eye Injury Database

The joint Defense-VA registry was ordered by Congress in 2008.

Is It Constitutional to Make VA Execs At-Will Employees?

Experts say bipartisan bill to remove due process could spell the end of the civil service.

John Boehner: No Decision on VA Chief Shinseki

'Is him resigning going to get us to the bottom of the problem?' the speaker asked, as many of his members called for Shinseki’s resignation.

VA Failed to Protect Critical Computer Systems, Audit Finds

Department servers and networks lack vital security protections.

The USS Santa Fe submarine

The Effectiveness of Doing Nothing as a Leader

You might be shocked to see what your team can do without you.

Firing Federal Employees Isn’t Easy, But It Can Be Done

Revisiting the myth of the bulletproof fed amid the growing scandal at the Veterans Affairs Department.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Sequester Made a Measurable Difference Even on the Local Level

Watchdog details impacts including larger elementary school classrooms and less-frequent health facility inspections.

Defense Spending Bill Calls for 1.8 Percent Pay Raise for Troops

House panel begins work Friday on the fiscal 2015 appropriations bill.

We Might Have Learned About the VA Scandal Sooner

The Obama administration has cracked down on whistleblowers.