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The Beauty-Happiness Connection

Looking at lovely things—and people—can improve quality of life

Redskins Appeal PTO Rejection of Controversial Name's Trademark

Some are calling for a legislative response amid the Ferguson firestorm.

The J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in Washington.

The FBI Spied on the Wrong People Because of Typos

A new inspector general report concludes that the agency has collected communications data on the wrong targets due to typographical errors.

Partial Quality Management

What we were saying 20 years ago about improving government performance.

The Latest Perk: Force Employees to Enjoy Vacation by Deleting Their Email

When employees go on vacation, they can turn on “Mail on Holiday,” which automatically deletes all incoming emails.

Displaced Iraqi Yazidi children play under a bridge in central Dahuk Thursday.

Obama: The Situation in Iraq 'Has Greatly Improved'

The president made a statement from Martha's Vineyard Thursday.

5 Things Agencies Must Do To Implement Phased Retirement

The ball is now in their court to fully define how the program will work.

What Leaders Can Learn About Trust from Vladimir Putin

The Russian leader is a study in what-not-to-do kind of lessons.

How Money Warps U.S. Foreign Policy

The key divide on America’s role in the world is no longer between Democrats and Republicans. It’s between elites and everyone else.

The Secret to Reducing Deadline Stress

Set expectations, but more importantly, communicate them to your staff.