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Farm Service Agency has new boss after dairyman's exit

Jonathan Coppess takes over three days after leader appointed in April quit, saying the job was not what he expected.

Panel lightly trims Labor-HHS spending bill

House subcommittee shaves $52 million from President Obama's request.

KBR shut out of logistics work in Afghanistan

Democratic senator says award decision could signal the Army is taking flaws in contractors’ past performance more seriously.

Top NASA picks on a glide path toward their jobs

Nominee to lead the space agency says it needs to build on its investments in the International Space Station.

Veto threat made on intelligence bill

The White House objects to a provision that would increase the number of lawmakers who can be briefed on secret CIA activities.

Union head: Border is far from secure

T.J. Bonner disputes claims from Obama administration that the U.S. and Mexican governments are gaining the upper hand in the battle against drug cartels.

Twittery Jitters

New social media sites raise age-old dangers of unauthorized software.

Senate Appropriations Committee approves Agriculture funding

Bill includes $13 million for sustainable food systems in countries with chronic food shortages.

Senators, officials back E-Verify mandate

Starting Sept. 8, federal contractors will have to begin verifying that their employees are legally allowed to work in the country.