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Army Corps upholds decision to keep IT work in-house

Contractor that competed for the jobs has until Aug. 28 to file an appeal outside the agency.

A year later, Katrina survivors give government low marks

Almost 70 percent give the feds a thumbs-down in new poll.

Hackers deface Federal Executive Board Web sites

Attack hurts ability to get information to federal employees outside Washington, board directors say.

DHS told to investigate air marshal’s complaint

Allegations center on inadequate identity protection; agency says many of the concerns are out of date.

OMB to rate agencies on efforts to break up large contracts

Administration official promises update on initiative to address small business contracting concerns by November.

Compromise on immigration reform legislation appears elusive

House members attack less-punitive Senate measure allowing most of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants to remain in the country while seeking permanent citizenship.

Pentagon plans shift of blue-collar workers to new pay system

Defense officials bring in Federal Managers Association to consult on new rules.

GSA to study agencies’ service to citizens

Results will be used to help agencies improve their responses to requests for information.

Report recommends limited use of pay incentives

Measurement should focus on intrinsic motivation and allow for failure, researcher says.

CBO lowers estimated 2006 budget deficit to $260 billion

House minority leader calls new numbers the “latest evidence” Republicans cannot keep spending under control.