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Charges fly over Yucca Mountain e-mails

Nevada governor says references to falsified data indicate "nothing short of criminal behavior."

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OMB to put user-friendly versions of performance assessments on Internet

Move aims to make federal program reviews more understandable for the public, official says.

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Shuttle’s return to space hits pothole

Oversight panel says NASA has not completed two internal reviews that are needed for report on readiness.

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Commission: Problems plague intelligence community, despite reform efforts

Final report includes 74 recommendations, some of which are intended to clear up confusion created by new intelligence reform law.

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Cybersecurity standardization moves forward

OMB is exploring consolidation of agency cybersecurity functions as part of its strategy to reduce back-office expenses.

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Pointing Out the Problems

Former DHS Inspector General Clark Kent Ervin spent his two-year tenure pressing for better management at homeland security.

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Panel to probe alleged false documents on Yucca Mountain project

Officials are investigating e-mails in which a U.S. Geological Survey employee indicated he had fabricated information, according to Energy Secretary Sam ...

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New chief selected to lead U.S. Park Police

Former chief Teresa Chambers vows to continue legal battle to win back the position.

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Defense policies on GSA contracts are confusing, officials say

New Pentagon rules on use of GSA and other non-Defense contracts were implemented after discovery of procurement abuses.

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