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The report said the White House and federal agencies have several tools they could use to temporarily mitigate the harm.

Study: Sequestration won’t necessarily mean immediate furloughs, layoffs

OMB Watch says lame-duck fiscal deal unlikely, recommends steps to buy time.

Obama and Romney Offer Dueling Closing Arguments in Op-Eds

CNN is giving both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney a chance to spell out their "vision for America."

Leverage Your Anxiety to Overcome the Uncertainty of Transition

Channel anxiety into productive action with these three techniques.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, right, speaks at a news conference with Connecticut lawmakers after touring storm-damaged areas.

DHS secretary issues waiver so ships can take fuel to disaster areas

Energy Department, EPA help reopen New York, New Jersey gas stations.

An Animated Map of Frantic Campaign Traveling

Romney and Obama have really hopped, skipped, and turned all across the country to campaign, as you can see in this fun animated map video of their campaign travels by statistician Jerzy Wieczorek.

CIA Director David Petraeus

Administration fingers start pointing at Petraeus for Benghazi

Blame for security failures shifts between the State Department and the CIA

How Mobile Tech is Helping DHS Combat Traffickers and Smugglers

Mobile technology is giving agents the ability to instantly take down suspects at airports and border crossings.

Postal Service debuts self-service kiosks

Agency turns to customers to help improve efficiency.

Election Countdown: Four Days To Go

Where the candidates are, what the polls are saying and what you need to know going into the homestretch.

Romney ridicules 'secretary of business' proposed by Obama

Five days before the election, the GOP nominee's storm-related break from attack mode is over.