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Senate passes bill creating federal spending database

Government oversight organizations say an easy-to-search Web site would improve quality of data on contracts and grants.

GSA restarts work on contract for ID card services

A series of bid protests had stalled BearingPoint's agreement to provide end-to-end services.

Senate Dems lose bid to criticize handling of Iraq war

Republican appropriator wins ruling that amendment was not germane to Defense spending bill.

DHS science and technology chief pledges to bolster staff

Lawmaker seeks details on collaboration between TSA and the department’s science directorate.

EEOC to establish working groups on federal complaint process

Effort will focus on timeliness, quality and perceived conflict of interest in investigations.

Senate approves GSA reorganization bill

Vermont Independent had placed a hold on the bill, delaying it for months.

GAO to OMB: Go slow on stricter audit requirements

Agencies need time to comply with June requirement before the standards get tougher, overseers say.

Life-and-Death Decisions

Even the smallest choices can have huge effects.

Public sector unions gain ground in labor movement

Government workers on track to become majority of union members nationwide.

Reports call for improvements to DHS response plans

FEMA praised for creating reserve of part-time workers, but criticized for failure to fill full-time ranks.