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NASA chief reassigns, replaces executives

As many as 50 other officials could find themselves in new offices or on the curb as agency reorganization effort takes off, observers say.

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Chain Reaction

When the power of suggestion sets off a series of unfortunate events.

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Senators chide administration on missed security deadlines

Administration has missed a number of deadlines under the 2004 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act.

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Spending panels cut programs, but some pet projects survive

House Appropriations Committee stays on pace with White House's proposed hit list of 99 discretionary programs.

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Terrorist Screening Center plagued by deficiencies, audit finds

FBI says it is working to overcome watch list errors and omissions, management problems, poor database security controls and high turnover rates.

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Advocates for blind fight reorganization of Education agency

The Bush administration says it just wants to streamline Rehabilitation Services Administration, but the blind say the effort is designed to diminish a program ...

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Officials: Real intelligence reform could take 10 years

Reformers defeat first attempt to roll back powers of new national intelligence director, but expect more battles to come.

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