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This aerial photo from 2005 shows the devastation caused by the high winds and heavy flooding in the greater New Orleans area following Hurricane Katrina.

Watchdog: Millions in Katrina Aid Unaccounted For

IG says Louisiana can’t prove money was spent to elevate homes.

Analysis: Obama Is Raising the Pressure for a Budget Deal

President's fiscal 2014 budget will test whether the GOP's antitax rhetoric is bluster or a deal-killing fact.

The 10 Most Common Jobs in Government

How common is your job? A look at the most common gigs at the federal, state and local level.

Former Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Commissioner Brooksley Born

'Cassandras' of Financial Crisis Blast Justice, Treasury Departments

Former TARP and CFTC leaders decry failure to prosecute Wall Street.

The State Department announced that John Kerry will give 5 percent of his salary to a charity that supports his workforce.

More Officials Dock Their Pay in Solidarity With Feds

Lawmakers and Cabinet chiefs announce plans to forfeit or donate portions of their salaries.

Declare 'Opposite Day' to Supercharge New Thinking

Increase self-awareness and creative thinking on your team with this exercise.

Danny Werfel, Controller, Offiice of Management and Budget

OMB Warns Agencies Not to Be Short-Sighted About Sequestration

New memo addresses shifting of funds, IG independence and limits on bonuses.

Are the Happiest Employees Also the Worst Employees?

New study says employees are blissfully unaware of their low performance.

Sheryl Sandberg Talks Women, Leadership and 'Lean In' on Daily Show

The author and Facebook COO tells Jon Stewart that we need to teach leadership differently early.

Defense Department Goes Green to Save Lives, Not Environment

Defense Department begins looking at green energy as important war-fighting capability.