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People search for belongings after their home was destroyed by Hurricane Issac.

Feds pitch in to help colleagues affected by hurricane

FEEA sends $70,000 in grants to assist federal employees hit by Isaac.

Greener work station lighting and power strips could be on the way

GSA welcomes test results on energy-saving building technologies.

The 7 Most Powerful Women in Government

The women in government who made Forbes magazine's list of "The World's 100 Most Powerful Women."

Seven First Year Mistakes Senior Executives Make

Early career leaders often make some of the same mistakes.

Will health rebate checks help Obama?

Despite enthusiasm, the checks are unlikely to shift perceptions in a major way.

What Romney Could Learn From Steve Jobs

Mitt Romney’s campaign could use a little of the Jobs business plan: a grand vision and a compelling case.

Photo of Astronaut Buzz Aldrin taken by Neil Armstrong from the surface of the Moon.

Neil Armstrong on Progress, One Small Step at a Time

The world's most famous Astronaut passed away one month ago today.

Supreme Court to hear cases affecting federal agencies

Justices will address the appeals process for certain MSPB cases.

NIH Cuts the Monkey Business

The National Institutes of Health will retire 110 government-owned chimpanzees.

Senate delays STOCK Act for senior execs

Bill postpones online publication of feds’ finances until Dec. 8.