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The Obama way: Assessing the president's management approach

Commander-in-chief says he's made more mistakes in communications than in setting policies.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-CT.

Contractors seek changes in bill to curb human trafficking

Senate panel’s approval brightens prospects for passage.

Watchdog dismisses TRICARE bid protest

Longtime contractor loses multibillion-dollar award to manage military health care.

Why Leaders Need to Go on Holiday Instead of Vacation

It's important for leaders to get away, Scott Eblin says.

OMB defends its progress weeding out federal websites

Sen. Tom Coburn releases CRS analysis of the White House’s Campaign to Cut Waste.

Scientists join opposition to STOCK Act disclosure requirements

Group says new provisions invade federal scientists’ privacy.

Unscheduled leave, telework still available for feds

Friday’s storm has left hundreds of thousands without power.

 Allison MacFarlane

Senate confirms new Nuclear Regulatory chief

Obama-picked MacFarlane will lead the troubled commission until July 2013.

Report: Health care law deadlines may be pushed back

Federal government says key elements are on schedule.