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4 Ways to Help Your Team Deal with Change

Employees won't tell you if they're struggling with change, you have to reach out. Here's how.

John Kerry's 'problematic' wealth could delay confirmation

Ruling out conflict of interest in the nominee's complex investments is tricky.

Obama and Biden unveiled the plan Wednesday.

Gun control steps include executive order on background checks, new ATF chief

23 executive actions will accompany legislative requests to reinstate assault weapons ban, limit high-capacity magazines.

OPM's John Berry is a possible candidate for the Interior job.

Obama could look west to fill Interior job

Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire is a possible candidate, along with OPM chief John Berry.

What Is Executive Presence?

Defining that undefinable something that differentiates effective leaders from all the rest.

How Big is Government? New ‘Map’ Shows Us Nobody Knows

A new document attempts to define how many federal agencies exist and shows us that's tricky question.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is leaving the cabinet in March

Salazar's announcement follows the departures of many other cabinet members.

Here's What Happened the Last Time the U.S. Defaulted on Its Debt

The debt ceiling and glitchy word-processors do not mix well.

Why Obama’s White House Is Not Like An Episode of 'The West Wing'

Real-life Washington is not like the television show The West Wing, no matter how much people wish.

On Schoolhouse Rock’s 40th Anniversary, A Canadian Reflects

Regardless of your country of origin, all these years later, Schoolhouse Rock still endures.