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OMB requires new acquisition certification for managers

Under three-tier system, program and project managers will get training and certification for procurement-related work.

Fourth Quarter Blues

As this term winds down, career employees must stay in the game.

Science agencies' media policy draws fire

Policy prevents scientists at two agencies from making personal statements in interviews on federal property or during work hours.

Bill would keep Defense labs out of new personnel system

Pay-for-performance demonstration projects are working, so there’s no need to move employees to the National Security Personnel System, sponsor says.

Lawmakers hear flurry of reasons for failure in Iraqi police training

Lack of training in civil subjects, stresses on staffing and poor contract oversight blamed for setbacks.

Lawmaker threatens to trim FDA managers’ salaries

Appropriator says cuts will come if the agency fails to follow advice on improving food plant inspections, enforcement and performance standards.

Appropriator open to keeping 2008 bills earmark-free

Full elimination of pet projects still under discussion; idea has prompted concern.

Defense procurement chief backs interagency contracts

Top acquisition official says department is looking both inside and out to meet its acquisition needs.

GOP lawmaker concerned about Justice staff departures

The firings of eight federal prosecutors last year will make it hard to attract top candidates to fill vacancies, senator says.

Agency officials say info security law falls short

The 2002 Federal Information Security Management Act fails to measure how secure agencies actually are, they say.