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Reform Fantasy

Federal managers should accept reality: There ain’t gonna be no personnel reform. So says a longtime federal human resources expert.

DHS keeping close eye on rebuilding funds, official says

Reconstruction coordinator Donald Powell argues that disaster assistance law is restrictive.

Bush names VA chief information officer

Robert Howard, currently the acting CIO, would get what some believe is unprecedented authority for a VA technology chief.

E-Gov at Five Years, Part Two: Waiting for Success

The Bush administration made grand promises for its e-government initiatives, but the results have been mixed.

EEOC reorganization a highlight, departing chairwoman says

Operational challenges of Sept. 11 helped agency prepare for Katrina, says Cari Dominguez.

Laptops with sensitive data stolen from Education contractor

Theft is second reported data breach at department this month.

Agencies ordered to probe employee satisfaction

OPM prescribes questions for newly required annual employee survey.

E-Gov at Five Years, Part One: A Pivotal Point

Five years after its launch, the Bush administration’s $1 billion electronic government initiative has shown mixed results.

Agencies ordered to report on FOIA improvement efforts

OMB directs agencies to include assessments of progress in upgrading Freedom of Information Act processes in annual e-government reports.