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How to Get Your Message Out

While working this week with a leadership team from Defense, messaging was the theme.

Mix and Match

Group mentoring meets a variety of needs where one-on-one programs fall short.

Timeline: Obama’s efforts to tame the bureaucracy

Major milestones in the administration’s drive to make government more efficient and transparent.

DATA Act might have saved GSA from scandal

Information collected under the bill could have tipped off IG earlier, vendors say.

White House takes appropriators to task on pay, TRICARE

Obama threatens to veto yet another spending bill that omits a civilian pay raise.

Romney all business about picking Cabinet

GOP presidential candidate says his lineup would emphasize private sector experience.

OPM Director John Berry

Uncle Sam seeks interns, fellows

New program to attract students and recent graduates starts Tuesday.

Washington monument may stay closed until 2014

Repairs have not yet begun, but could start this fall.

Obama wants partial tax cut extension now

The president seeks to re-up break for those earning less than $250,000 a year.

Labor Department tries a new way of releasing sensitive jobs data

Friday’s monthly rollout goes smoothly as modified new security safeguards are phased in.