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Bush moves to retain recess-appointed ICE chief

Julie Myers may have trouble navigating the confirmation process in a Democrat-controlled Senate.

Taxpayer advocate makes pitch for IRS budget boost

Lawmakers urged to exempt the IRS from budget caps applied to other agencies.

Senate GOP appropriators announce subcommittee leaders

Thad Cochran, R-Miss., reclaims the top Republican slot on the Homeland Security Subcommittee he gave up two years ago.

Audit could recoup millions in mistaken Navy telecom payments

Effort will attempt to identify mistakes such as payments on noncompliant contracts or nonoperating circuits, and double billing.

Military justice code now covers some contractors

Advocates for contractors say rule change is ill-advised and unlikely to be applied immediately.

DHS announces $445 million in infrastructure protection grants

The bulk of funds available in 2007 will go toward transit and port security.

Taxpayer advocate urges repeal of outsourced debt collection

Annual report on IRS activities calls initiative “fatally flawed.”

GAO: Interior office lacks timetable for trust fund reforms

Office charged with implementing management changes also lacks adequate strategy for operations once reforms are complete.

Teamsters seek rail security focus

Government and the private sector should collaborate to add more security personnel, officials say.

High-ranking GSA acquisition official to retire

Departure of G. Martin Wagner marks second time in recent months that a senior GSA official involved in e-gov efforts has announced plans to leave.