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Rep. Sam Graves says SBA's proposed rule could prompt litigation.

SBA Takes Flak Over Revising Company Size Standards

Committee chairman calls proposed rule a “capricious” threat to IT industry.

The Four Types of Sleep Schedules

A new study suggests that some people are neither "owls" nor "larks"

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe defended USPS' decision to delay informing employees their personal data had been breached.

Hacked Employees File Charges Against Postal Service

Union, lawmakers, unhappy with USPS secrecy.

3 Tips to Help Federal Leaders Prepare for a New Congress

How to field data and hearing requests so you can focus on strategy.

Federal Customer Experience 'Downright Bleak'

Six federal agencies earned an average of “very poor." scored the lowest.

Video: The Apache Firefighters Who Stop America's Biggest Wildfires

Why dangerous work became a calling for this Bureau of Indian Affairs-sponsored Native American Crew.

2010 census forms were mailed to more than 120 million households.

Seven Ex-Census Chiefs Warn Against Budget Cuts

Bureau is running out of time for designing, planning and selecting technology for the 2020 count.


Is the New VA Secretary Already Losing His Luster?

Three months into McDonald's tenure, lawmakers and advocates aren't shying away from voicing their concerns.

The Purpose of the FedView Survey Is More Than Satisfaction

Agencies should be linking employee engagement to the mission.

How to Relax Like a Baby

You don't have to be the parent of little ones to use this technique for winding down.