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Obama’s Inaugural Address: 5 Quotes History Will Remember

As Obama’s 18 minute speech searches for a place in history, these are the five lines most likely to be remembered.

OPM tells sick feds to stay home, and telework

Berry also emphasizes the importance of vaccines.

NIH Advances the Push for Extreme Personalized Medicine

NIH funding has produced promising new tools for repairing errors in the human genome.

5 Ways Government Must Change To Be More Agile

The demands for a nimble government are more urgent than ever--here's a model for how to do it.

How to Run Better Staff Meetings

Three simple questions that make staff meetings pain free and effective.

Obama should step up enforcement of agency transparency, advocates argue

Without a White House champion, FOIA requests fall through the cracks, specialists say.

Can We Talk Calmly About Obama's 'Executive Orders'?

No president can do the job without them. Let's try to be clear about which ones are valid and which aren't.

Land-swap idea for FBI headquarters draws hundreds of interested parties

Cost-saving idea to move out of Hoover building is linked to GSA’s new mission.

Former Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne oversaw the renovation.

A $222K bathroom redo at Interior wouldn't happen today, GSA says

Former Bush Interior Secretary Kempthorne saw through 'top shelf' upgrades, report says.

Aerial view of the Pentagon.

Military branches struggle to cap civilian jobs wisely

Army has exceeded its workforce limit, while all services may have cut jobs recklessly.