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Putting the Postal Service's Losses in Perspective

This week's announcement that the U.S. Postal service had a less than happy holiday season, ending 2011 in the red, didn't quite tell the whole story.

OPM sends acceptance notices to the wrong fellowship applicants

About 300 PMF semifinalists received the faulty decisions.

Obama budget forecasts $1.33 trillion deficit for fiscal 2012

Projected deficit is higher than 2011's $1.296 trillion figure.

GAO faults Pentagon data measuring insourcing

Defense officials say continuing effort furthers strategic workforce goals.

State Department gets mixed review on Keystone pipeline process

Inspector general finds no conflicts of interest but faults depth of technical expertise.

Postal regulator defends travel records after senator demands details

PRC chief Ruth Goldway comes under new scrutiny.

Wondering 'Am I a Good Leader?'

Over the past six months Ive read a number of profiles on the COO of Facebook and, based on what Ive learned about her, have come up with three questions that can help determine if youre a good leader:

Video: Low expectations for President Obama's budget request

Election-year proposal likely to be a 'tame document.'

Flanked by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Col. Howard Belote, Obama examined solar energy at Las Vegas' Nellis Air Force Base in 2009.

White House budget to expand clean energy programs through Pentagon

Putting the increases in the Defense budget makes them a less likely target for Republican lawmakers.

Federal budget proposal will spare entitlements, WSJ reports

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security funding largely unchanged, paper says.