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FBI solicits proposals for new information system

Agency keeps solicitation and cost estimates secret as it moves to develop an integrated system by 2009 to replace the failed Virtual Case File effort.

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Senate aims to restrict USAID contracts

Contractors have received a larger share of the democracy-building budget than non-governmental organizations under the Bush administration.

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Computer security not a telework hindrance, says advocacy group

Report finds agencies far behind private sector in implementing telework.

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Bill sets up office to help seniors navigate government programs

Office would identify gaps in housing services for the elderly.

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Assaults on Park Service officers increase

National Park Service officers were assaulted 111 times in 2004, resulting in 33 injuries.

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Treasury secretary promises green, sees red

Financial management ratings on president's scorecard remain low.

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Intern recruitment program finalized

Excepted-service appointments allow agencies to bypass traditional hiring rules.

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Crisis Management

There is a method to the madness.

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EPA scientists criticize agency management

Internal survey shows scientists in research and development labs and centers do not trust their managers and believe that their views are not considered.

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Safety repairs ordered on orbiting shuttle

Spacewalker will try to remove material on heat shield in risky procedure.

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