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Why don’t Democrats love Hagel, and who would they prefer at Defense?

Lukewarm support from Obama's party for his nominee reflects trends in the progressive defense establishment that go back several generations.

Pentagon policy chief: Furloughs are not a sure thing

Memo cites 'inaccuracies' in media reports and 'frustration' from uncertainty.

It Pays to Be a Married Dad Whose Wife Doesn't Work Full Time

Married, biological fathers who live with their families are associated with a wage bonus of about four percent after they have kids, according to a new study.

What Does the Sun Sound Like?

A NASA fellow searches for sounds lost in the vacuum.

How the GDP's Big Shrink Might Impact Sequestration

Congress may want to consider the GDP's drop before striking a budget deal.

Alleged TSA favoritism and hostile work environment under probe

EEOC’s investigation follows critical IG report.

City Life Changes How Our Brains Deal With Distractions

New evidence on the mental exhaustion of urban living.

The History John Kerry Doesn't Want to Repeat as Secretary of State

John Kerry should hope his time in Foggy Bottom is nothing like that of John Sherman.