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Three Steps to Avoid an E-Mail Disaster

Take some time and avoid problems, says our management coach.

Hal Rogers said in a statement Wednesday morning. "The 12 annual appropriations bills cannot be swept under the rug and ignored until a more convenient political time."

House to take up Defense spending bill, hold off on others

After consideration of Defense appropriations measure next week, no other spending bills are likely to make it to the floor before lame duck session.

Calling all federal employees with great waste-cutting ideas

SAVE competition submissions due by July 24.

Academy aims to get people talking about the budget and other challenges

Series of memos is designed to start a dialogue on domestic issues.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage

Union sounds off over governor’s Gestapo comment

NTEU demands full apology from Maine Republican who compared IRS to Nazi secret police.

OMB plans for automatic cuts, urges Congress to find sequestration alternative

The cuts ‘would be terrible for our country,’ Jeff Zients says.

Senate likely to punt on spending bills until November

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., blames House Republicans for setting lower spending cap.

How to Get Your Message Out

While working this week with a leadership team from Defense, messaging was the theme.

Mix and Match

Group mentoring meets a variety of needs where one-on-one programs fall short.

Timeline: Obama’s efforts to tame the bureaucracy

Major milestones in the administration’s drive to make government more efficient and transparent.