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The Long View

Enterprise architecture plans are useless without clear, relevant information.

All Together Now

The workplace lines have blurred for government, for-profits and nonprofits.

The Blended Workforce

When government and contractors work side by side, the public’s interest comes first.

Union to file for first-ever election at GAO

Group set to submit election cards from more than half of the agency’s 1,500 analysts.

Welcome to the new

Here’s your guide to the ins and outs of our redesigned site.

Negotiators aim to finish budget blueprint next week

Democrats are trying to make up ground for cuts and freezes in recent GOP spending bills.

Move comes as FAA faces wave of retirements in air traffic control workforce.

Bill aims to improve FAA labor negotiations process

Unsettled contract disputes would be brought before an independent, three-member arbitration board.

Commerce IG investigated on claims of improper travel

Unnamed accusers say head auditor needlessly extended trips and authorized excessive domestic and foreign travel for himself and staff members.

Pentagon rolls out performance-based pay

Sixty-four percent of employees in first group to enter new personnel system are deemed "valued performers."

Three agencies recognized for financial management gains

As most agencies receive either high or low ratings, with few in the middle, OMB re-evaluates grading standards.