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Intelligence, homeland security agencies sharpen surveillance methods

Techniques under development include gait recognition and keystroke analyses of typing rhythms.

Overhead reached 55 percent in some Iraq contracts

Review finds long idle periods racked up charges in construction projects.

More FOIA funds, staff needed, group says

National Security Archive says recent Justice Department report on reforming Freedom of Information Act procedures fails to address resource constraints.

Report urges consolidation of financial management regulations

CFO job would be simpler if 25 separate laws and circulars were combined, the National Academy of Public Administration says.

Report cites delays in clearance appeals process at State

Inspectors find no evidence to support allegations that the department revoked clearances for nonsecurity reasons, however.

Aviation groups take different routes to reauthorization

Central issue is whether to restructure how much each aviation sector pays the federal government.

Iraq reconstruction oversight office to expand, then disband

Senators condemn provision in recently signed authorization law to terminate oversight group in late 2007.

Airlines rap DHS proposal on passenger lists

Requirement to submit passenger manifests an hour, rather than 15 minutes, before departure is unreasonable, they say.

GAO to recommend oversight priorities for next Congress

Comptroller General expects more congressional hearings if Democrats take control of at least one chamber.

Defense punts on Iraq contractor census

Researcher says that overall, contractors and grantees working for agencies outnumber civil servants by more than 5 to 1.