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DHS agency to scour jails for illegal immigrants

Fiscal 2008 budget would grant immigration, customs agencies funding for staffing increases.

Dems blast U.S. officials for wasting billions in Iraqi money

Coalition Provisional Authority did not track funds after dispersal to Iraqi ministries.

OPM launches online management competency tool

The system would allow managers to conduct a self-assessment to determine strengths and areas for improvement.

Budget would sustain GSA auditors' role in pre-award contract reviews

The inspector general would be expected to work with agency officials to find “alternative methods” for completing the reviews.

Budget plan touches only the surface of long-term fiscal issues

By 2040, interest on the debt could reach about 15 percent of gross domestic product.

Budget proposal includes 2.6 percent increase for IT

Number of technology investments rated as well-planned and managed drops.

Bush plan aims to return to budget surplus by 2012

Democrats are skeptical, saying proposal relies on misguided policies including tax cut extensions and cuts in domestic programs.

President proposes cuts to 141 programs

Nonsecurity spending would go up 1 percent in fiscal 2008.

More money, end of fee diversion sought for patent agency

In fiscal 2008, the agency anticipates hiring an additional 1,200 patent examiners and plans to continue expanding telework efforts.

Unfinished spending measure complicates release of fiscal 2008 budget

OMB official discusses complexities, says confrontations over the new budget may be more public with Democrats in control of Congress.