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Lawmakers hold off on endorsing EEOC reorganization

House subcommittee chief withholds opinion on changes until the results of a GAO study are in.

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Bush unveils steps to help victims with federal benefits

Every affected household will be granted $2,000 in emergency disaster relief.

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Mission Control

NASA faces more than technical challenges when it tries to launch a space shuttle.

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Report: EPA should create a centralized online data system

The Environmental Protection Agency’s decentralized facility reporting systems should be linked with a master system, coalition says.

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Survey shows mixed feelings on disaster response

More than 40 percent of Americans said federal agencies had done a bad or terrible job, but 35 percent rated the response effort as good or great.

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Agencies grapple with managing displaced citizens

After evacuations, government faces huge challenge of providing long-term housing, education and jobs for Hurricane Katrina survivors.

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Bush pledges to investigate administration response

Vice President Dick Cheney, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff dispatched to identify "bureaucratic obstacles" to relief effort.

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Disaster response threatens to swamp Bush administration

For U.S. presidents, there is an unwritten rule book for disaster recovery, and the first rule is, "Act fast." The second rule is, "Send it all."

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GSA reorganization sparks internal anxiety

Senior managers worry about their careers as agencies choose to buy independently.

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Housing, loan agencies send representatives to hurricane relief centers

Agencies coordinating with FEMA to offer advice on rebuilding homes, finances.

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