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Public would accept tax hikes in debt deal

Just over half of poll respondents said they think that tax rates for families with incomes above $250,000 should increase in January

New Leaders: Believe You Should Be There

Confidence is a key in leadership situations.

The Best of Romney's 'Binders Full of Women' Meme

The Internet went hysterical over Mitt Romney's peculiar turn of phrase.

Watch this Awesome Time-Lapse of Shuttle Endeavour's Trip through L.A.

The space shuttle Endeavour cruised the streets of L.A. on the way to its new home.

Army spent 13 times as much on 2010 conference as GSA spent in Vegas

Service says comparing the two events would be 'misleading.'

Program performance measures aren’t living up to their potential, scholars say

Federal managers aren’t using performance data as intended, they find.

The Four Traits of Highly Effective Debaters

Look for four attributes of successful leadership — five if you count empathy.

What Does Your Wanted Poster Say?

Sir Ernest Shackleton's honest wanted poster drives how my firm looks for new talent.

Chief Learning Officers: What Would You Say...Ya Do Here?

A survey shows 63 percent of feds misidentify who's responsible for organizational learning.

The book of government waste: from robo-squirrels to caviar

Senator lists 100 government-funded projects he deems unnecessary.