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Spending cuts likely to trigger furloughs

Budget expert is not optimistic Congress will reach deal to avoid governmentwide cuts before deadline.

Clay Johnson recalled how during the transition in 2000 his colleagues “worked faster than warp speed amid the many distractions, with all the agency career people feeling discombobulated.”

'Energy and excitement' make presidential transitions ripe for innovation

Expertise of career feds is key to collaboration and success, panelists say.

Innovation Isn't Always Big

It's not always a matter of huge breakthroughs.

President’s speech will tackle deficit reduction, entitlement reform

Obama will talk about decisions needed to get spending under control, campaign aide says.

Obama's 2008 convention speech was held at an outdoor football stadium.

Decision to move Obama's speech inside sparks scramble

Officials say the weather left them no choice.

Summing up Biden, Pew finds 'good' edges out 'idiot'

Only five of 1,008 survey respondents ventured that the vice president is 'bad.'

Democratic insiders to Hillary Clinton: Run in 2016!

Seventy percent would like to see her name at the top of the ticket.

“We give because we want to give. We give because we can. We give because we ought to,” said Keith Willingham, national director of CFC operations.

Washington-area charity drive organizers say economy isn’t an 'excuse'

Officials are confident about meeting fundraising goals.

Beyond Mars: The Biggest Federal Victories of the Summer

From Mars to wildfires, a look at where the federal government succeeded this past summer.

Four Leadership Lessons From Great Bosses

Helpful lessons for managing high performers.