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Video: With Innovation, 'More Isn't Better, Better Is Better'

Director of the VA Center for Innovation discusses his team's approach to improving government.

Bureau of Prisons faces a growing overcrowding problem

Inmate population is expected to increase during the next decade, GAO says.

Mixed marks for Obama in annual secrecy report card

Open government group lauds progress in FOIA requests, laments declassification backlog.

Take Control of Your Day With This Slow Down Exercise

Taking things slow and steady can help you refocus during a busy day.

U.S. embassy staffer in Cairo ignored instructions not to release statement

Embassy statement has led to intense political backlash.

The Top 5 Government Services Companies of 2012

Inc. Magazine recently released its list of fastest growing companies in America--here are the top five government service corporations.

American flag at Un, ... ]

No drama spending bill glides through House panel

Rules Committee spends less than 10 minutes on the stopgap measure.

The 2012 Sammies finalists.

Washington gives props to feds at annual awards gala

Nonprofit group honors civil servants for wide-ranging work in medicine, transportation safety, and law enforcement.

Acting General Services Administration chief Dan Tangherlini

GSA outlines progress cracking down on bonuses, pricey conferences

Acting chief details steps to improve accountability.

Has Technology Killed Courtesy at Work?

For all the connecting we do, we've never been more out of touch.