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How Our Incredible Shrinking Government Raises Unemployment and Hurts the Recovery

With normal post-recession government employment expansion, unemployment might be as low as 6.3 percent.

Treasury Gets Ready to Lose Another $5.1 Billion on its GM Bailout

The government bailed out GM in late 2009 for $49.5 billion to prevent the troubled automaker from filing for bankruptcy

11 DIY Ways to Advance Your Government Career

Get ahead by taking your training and development into your own hands.

Spending Law Restores $5 Billion to Sequestered Agencies, White House Says

Some accounts were cut too low, meaning funds were automatically restored.

What's Your Word of the Week?

Make vision into reality by focusing on what you will be this week.

Former acting Budget Director Jeffrey Zients

Departures Leave Gap in OMB Management Team

First chief performance officer and associate director for performance and personnel management step down.

State Department headquarters

No Furloughs at State

Department’s cuts not as severe as anticipated.

Feds Don’t Work as Hard as Private Sector, 68% of Americans Say

Rasmussen poll finds only 9% think government employees work harder.

The Future of Public Roads Is in Private Hands

More and more states are privatizing highways and roads. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is a matter of increasing debate.

'Oscars of Government Service' Finalists Announced

Winners of the Service to America Medals will be unveiled in October.