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OMB defends its progress weeding out federal websites

Sen. Tom Coburn releases CRS analysis of the White House’s Campaign to Cut Waste.

Scientists join opposition to STOCK Act disclosure requirements

Group says new provisions invade federal scientists’ privacy.

Unscheduled leave, telework still available for feds

Friday’s storm has left hundreds of thousands without power.

 Allison MacFarlane

Senate confirms new Nuclear Regulatory chief

Obama-picked MacFarlane will lead the troubled commission until July 2013.

Report: Health care law deadlines may be pushed back

Federal government says key elements are on schedule.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa

Senator: U.S. attorney has no choice but to pursue contempt case against Holder

Justice Department official had said he would not take any action to prosecute attorney general.

Washington-area agencies open after severe weekend storm

Employees can take unscheduled leave or telework.

Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del.

Senators would speed federal property sales by easing requirements

Homelessness advocacy group opposes plan to bypass 25-year-old law.

Al Armendariz

Sierra Club hires EPA official felled by 'crucify' comments

Al Armendariz will help the group's campaign against coal.

HHS chief welcomes high court’s health care ruling with new grants

Sebelius calls for end to political fights and offers states flexibility to create exchanges.