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SIGAR John Sopko

Watchdog Creates High-Risk List for Afghanistan Reconstruction

Special IG Sopko warns that corruption could derail U.S. effort to build Afghan self-sufficiency.

Don’t Run in the Pentagon

Leadership lessons from a career in the military.

The Torture Report Isn't Going to Stand Between the President and the CIA

The report details horrendous acts, but Americans still expect to be protected.

The report was addressed to report addressed to Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee,  and House oversight committee members.

Agencies Show Progress in Curbing Improper Payments

But GAO finds 10 of 24 major agencies fell short of full reporting.

Obama shakes hands with senior executives who attended his address at the Hilton in Washington.

President Offers Senior Execs High Praise, But No Bonuses

President tells senior career officials: "I’ve got your back."

Obama Announces Plans to Reform and Modernize the Senior Executive Service

Developing new talent and identifying best practices are key parts of the president’s initiatives.

8 Tips for Managing a Federal Blog

How to expand your reach and credibility among your audience.

On the Torture Report, the President Can't Win

As the world braces for its long-awaited release, Obama is doing everything he can to avoid taking sides.

A Quiet Exit for a Forgotten Ebola Czar

The public's attention has moved on from the deadly disease, and soon, so will Ron Klain.

Obama Takes Over The Colbert Report

The president visited the show while it taped at George Washington University Monday.