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Romney picks Ryan for VP slot

House Budget Committee leader says his Capitol Hill experience will complement Romney's executive background.

Whistleblowers will have a new friend at Justice

Ombudsman will educate employees and shield them from retaliation.

What do people want from government?

Elections will test whether citizens actually want a smaller federal footprint.

OMB to agencies: Ask users if your forms make sense

Administration recommends focus groups or Web-based feedback.

Former ICE employee sentenced for submitting phony travel vouchers

Fraud scheme cost the government more than $500,000.

Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn.

Lawmakers aren’t sorry for assuming GSA wasted money

Members back off speculation that employees would book a presidential suite in Nashville, but don’t apologize.

On NBC, Romney drops one small hint about veep choice

Comment could point to Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, author of the GOP budget plan.

How to Connect Your Team With the Mission

Scott Eblin gets some leadership lessons from Defense.

GSA announces new discount airfares for 2013

Prenegotiated rates will save taxpayers nearly $6 billion, agency says.

Video: Fed leaders stress the need for food drive

The annual program hopes to collect millions of pounds of food