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DHS seeks to expand information-sharing program

Involving more agencies would facilitate faster exchanges of knowledge about cyber-threats and attacks, official says.

Geographic Cure

The emergency medical system returns home, hopefully to better health.

Payouts to NASA contractors questioned

Officials have failed to tie award fees, which average 90 percent of the maximum amount allowed, to program outcomes, GAO finds.

Google moves ahead with plan to open up federal Web sites

Three government entities are now using a publicly available tool to make reams of information more accessible to Internet searchers.

Officials urge international collaboration to fight child pornography

Offenders are shifting away from pay-per-view sites to new networks, investigators say.

Lawmakers seek update on FBI probe of Los Alamos breach

Energy and Commerce Committee members also ask for views on aspects of the security clearance process at the Energy Department.

Budget formulation needs sharper tools than spreadsheets, scholars say

Offices increasingly are called upon to link budget, program performance and cost, creating a need for sophisticated technology.

Research service suggests test runs for financial system consolidation

Pilot projects may avoid costly mistakes in moving agencies to shared service centers, report says.

DHS police thwart intruder at lawmaker’s district office

Federal Protective Service responds when military veteran allegedly enters congressman's office with a knife.

OMB chief tells agencies to ignore earmarks not written into law

The fiscal 2007 full-year funding measure for domestic agencies signed into law Thursday by President Bush contains no new earmarks.