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Senior federal executives lack mobility, study finds

SES originally intended to move managers among federal agencies, sectors.

Panetta calls for tax increases, not Defense cuts

Pentagon chief also suggests changes to popular programs like Social Security.

Does Your Team Really Know What You Want?

Stephen Covey shared a lot of smart ideas when he wrote “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” I must have read that book at least five times when it first came out.

Obama establishes center to strengthen trade enforcement

Unit will coordinate agencies to protect U.S. firms and workers.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine

Senator denounces Obama budget text on disclosure of contractor gifts

Susan Collins revives controversy over 2011 draft executive order.

OMB Controller Danny Werfel touts progress on recommendations from last year.

Watchdog finds tens of billions in cost cutting opportunities

GAO report outlines 51 areas where federal programs could be more efficient.

HHS Chief Kathleen Sebelius recently praised the program as a key component in joint HHS-Justice Department successes in prosecuting Medicare fraud.

Medicare anti-fraud software disappoints senators

HHS stands by the predictive computer program.

Red Carpet Lessons in Keeping Your Cool

The most interesting part of the Oscar telecast last night happened before the awards show started.