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New Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Obesity, Marijuana, Vaccines and Guns

Murthy co-founded Doctors for America, a group that sent a letter last year to the Congress, urging them to take stricter measures to stop gun violence.

The 10 Tell-Tale Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

How can you tell if you’re really disliked, or if you’re just being overly sensitive?

The Delicate Art of Denying a Presidential Bid

"I am not running for president," Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said. Does that mean she won't?

Defense Bill Extends Disputed Small Business Program

Contractors gain opportunities for women-owned firms, exports.

Koch-Backed Group Says EPA Joins CIA in 'Torture'

A conservative, pro-fossil-fuels group is out with a provocative claim: EPA tortures too. With climate-change regulations.

Finally, a New Surgeon General?

One year, one month, and two days after his selection, the Senate could confirm Vivek Murthy to a post that has been vacant since July.

First Reflect, Then Project

The end of the year brings resolutions for the next year.

Virginia National Guard soldiers patrol in Norfolk, Va., during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

FEMA Ups Its Game in Sussing Out Phony Aid Claims

GAO reports Hurricane Sandy-related improper payments are down compared with those for Katrina.

Dick Cheney Tells NBC: 'I'd Do It Again in a Minute'

The former vice president denies that the CIA tortured and says Bush knew everything all along.