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HUD Restructuring Could Relocate 900 Employees

Department will consolidate more than 50 offices across the country.

Air Force Secretary to Retire

Michael Donley will serve two more months in the role before departing.

Does Gabon need someone to take away its credit card? States in darker blue spent more on U.S. presidential gifts.

What Gifts Do Foreign Leaders Give The United States?

And why the heck is Gabon doing giving President Obama a gift worth $52,695?

The 5 Best Management Tips of the Week

A roundup of the best management tips around the web.

Congress Agrees to End FAA Furloughs

President expected to sign what White House calls a ‘Band-Aid’ measure.

Being a Chinese Government Official is One of the Worst Jobs in the World

Life as a Chinese government official isn’t what it used to be.

DHS' Janet Napolitano will donate 5 percent of her salary to foundations that benefit DHS employees

Who's Forfeiting Pay Alongside Furloughed Employees?

From the White House to Capitol Hill, a growing list of top officials show solidarity.

Analysis: Remember the Charges Before You Reassess W.'s Legacy

Former State official says team Bush knew many at Gitmo were innocent.

8 Tips to Improve Your (And Your Agency’s) Writing

Help your team say goodbye to alphabet soup with these great tips.

Top Econ Adviser: 'The Era of Threatening Default Is Over'

Gene Sperling thinks Congress can pass a budget this year.