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Huge round of arrests for $450 million in Medicare fraud

Attorney General Eric Holder will provide details of the arrests at a press conference.

Telework is increasingly satisfying and less problematic, study finds

Management is slower to take to this workplace innovation.

Progressive Discipline

Managers should take steps to help problem employees improve, and protect themselves in the process.

Obama seeks to harmonize international regulations

Executive order sets up working group to coordinate agency and public input.

OPM's John Berry said the agency identified the false acceptance letters “almost immediately.”

OPM promises fellows program will be better in 2013

Berry touts updates to Congress, including improved application and assessment processes.

Continuing resolutions passed by Congress through the years

Congress passed the most continuing resolutions for fiscal 2001, but many of them were for only one day.

A sign outside the IRS offices in Washington, DC.

More than 1,000 IRS employees agreed to buyouts in fiscal 2011

Figure doesn’t include results of a second round of offers in January.

Three Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic

It can be difficult to fight that inner voice.

A Tech Evolutionary

Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel is remapping IT strategy for a government on the go.

Watchdog documents ongoing workers’ compensation struggles

Management and oversight deficiencies lead to avoidable costs, GAO notes.