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4 Tips for Talking with the CEO

Things you should consider when talking with senior leadership.

Questionable Poll Suggests 29% of U.S. Sees Urgent Need for Rebellion

Survey also shows that many Americans are conspiracy-minded.

Marissa Mayer's Potentially Revolutionary Paternity Leave Policy

Yahoo is now giving new dads eight weeks of paid leave, which could transform the way families think about division of labor.

Senator: Sequester Needn't Mean Closing National Parks

Coburn claims department can cut waste elsewhere; agency says it cannot 'rob Peter to pay Paul.'

Givers, Takers and Matchers: The Secret to Success in Government

Author of new book says givers are more likely to succeed and advance.

Defense Furlough Decision Coming Soon

Pentagon admits some services could afford to eliminate furloughs.

Dr. Sam Simon chops corn on his dairy farm outside Hyde Park, N.Y.

Agriculture Department Might Escape Furloughs

Farm Service Agency is latest to be spared; Rural Development employees will know their fate by late May.

The Double Anniversary of the Double Helix

It's been 60 years since DNA's discovery and 10 years since it was mapped.

3 Big Developments in Federal Performance Last Month

When it rains, it pours! April saw a lot of action regarding the federal performance agenda.

Hagel Seeks Furlough 'Consistency and Fairness' Across Defense

Union decries move to force unpaid leave equally on the department's civilians.