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Pentagon scales back, delays first installment of NSPS

Initial group scheduled to enter the personnel system is cut by 54,000 employees and start date is pushed back by four months.

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Bureaucracy hinders 9/11 commission recommendations

Congressional resistance and lack of funding also slow implementation of panel's recommended reforms.

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Key telework supporter promises continued advocacy

Virginia lawmaker says he’ll keep promoting the work arrangement regardless of his future committee assignments.

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TSA awards contract to keep technology services program going

Sole-source contract, worth up to $750 million, goes to Unisys Corp.

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Report: Tax code complexity places heavy burden on IRS

Taxpayer advocate urges simplification to ease service, enforcement demands.

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DHS bureau gets first permanent chief financial officer

Move indicates commitment to overcoming fiscal problems that have plagued Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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More federal technology work expected to go private

Report predicts that the growing deficit and tightened spending will drive IT outsourcing as a way to save money.

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Swarming Information

To net terrorists, abandon bureaucracy.

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Coast Guard modernization program could move faster, contractor says

Acceleration of the 25-year Deepwater project depends on funding, executive notes.

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Report finds government whistleblowers lack adequate protections

Presidential and executive branch power has also become a dominating issue in Samuel Alito’s bid for the Supreme Court.

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