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Report: Security agency needs better financial management

Independent study urges Federal Protective Service, which secures government facilities, to improve process it uses to bill agencies for services.

Auditors cite progress on SBA management challenges

Small business certification rules still listed as troubled area.

FEMA's Makeover

Acquisition chief Deidre Lee is getting ready for the next Katrina - just don't ask about those no-bid contracts.

College courses in homeland security on the rise

While classes are proliferating, some observers remain skeptical that homeland security will ever become its own discipline.

GSA replaces career leader of policy office with political appointee

Agency spokeswoman says the move is meant to reflect the office’s involvement in presidential management initiatives.

Auditors question agency estimates on payment errors

Homeland Security is among eight agencies reporting they had no programs susceptible to improper payments.

Agencies urged to improve IT security tests

Agencies do not know for sure whether their technological systems are properly protected, the Government Accountability Office finds.

Transportation sector lags in joining infrastructure protection effort

Some industries formed councils as early as 2002 to better coordinate security efforts with the government

IRS enforcement activities bring in record revenue for 2006

Commissioner says strides in enforcement of tax laws have not come at the expense of customer service.

Budget stalemate may leave newer e-gov efforts in limbo

The next Congress, led by Democrats, could have an opportunity to undo restrictive language.