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Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services

HHS ushers in eight more states for health exchanges

With some governors resisting, total participation rises to 19 plus D.C.

Analysis: What Mark Kirk Can Teach a Hypocrite Congress

As Sen. Kirk returns to Congress, we're reminded that there’s nothing wrong with letting personal experience shape one’s political views.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

Tim Geithner is stepping down before the next fiscal fight

Treasury Secretary reportedly wanted to move on as early as 2011.

We Are Losing the War Against Email

It is taking people nearly 10 percent longer, on average, to answer their email than it did a year ago.

Members of the federal workforce can take advantage of any Inauguration-related events provided they are also open to the public.

Ethics office issues inauguration warnings to feds

Federal employees can attend Inaugural events but can’t receive preferential treatment.

Three Lessons Dick Clark Taught Us About Succession Planning

Though Clark passed away, his legacy remains on New Year's Eve.

Michael Huerta addressed an FAA conference in September.

Acting FAA chief confirmed as agency’s permanent leader

Major challenges include implementation of the NextGen air traffic control modernization effort.

The Federal Performance System: Looking Back to Look Forward

A look at OMB's new performance management framework and what it means for federal leaders.

Why the House GOP left the Hurricane Sandy relief bill out in the cold

The $27 billion relief package for states affected by the storm will likely die.