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Everyone has something to lose in D.C.'s leak fever

The crackdowns could backfire on the administration, Congress, and others.

Cues for Consolidators

Consolidation can bring savings, and GAO is helping managers guide the process.

Controller Danny Werfel

OMB not enamored of House-passed data transparency measure

Controller has different view than former Recovery Board colleague.

David Cutler, professor of applied economics at Harvard University

Health experts grapple over best agency to lead paperwork reduction effort

Think tank says standardizing electronic medical records could save billions.

Lisa Jackson on clean energy, headline-driven politics, and the future of the EPA

The head of the EPA gives her view of how things work -- and don't -- in Washington and across America.

Romney: Obama attacks over public employees 'absurd'

Teachers, firefighters and police officers aren't federal, the candidate says.

Are black women key to easing military suicides?

Veterans Affairs officials hope to learn from culture of social support and encouragement that keeps suicide rates low.

Commerce secretary takes leave of absence

John Bryson was involved in separate traffic accidents in California over the weekend.

IRS coping with tricky implementation of health care law, auditors say

GAO sees costs-savings opportunities in review of fiscal 2013 request for budget hike.