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UNICEF and partners educate school children in Conakry, Guinea, about the virus.

An Ebola Vaccine May Be on the Way

Clinical trials begin next week, NIH announces.

Unlocking Federal Talent

How is helping agencies create a culture of excellence and engagement.

Todd Park, U.S. chief technology officer

It's Official: White House CTO Todd Park Leaves Post to Recruit Tech Talent from Silicon Valley

Todd Park stepping down from chief technology officer job.

Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., urged the intelligence chief to send a stronger message.

Is the Government Taking Feds’ Tax Debt Seriously Enough?

Security clearance reform should address financial troubles, senator says.

These two will get wildly different language in their performance reviews.

In Performance Reviews, Women are Criticized for Personality Rather Than Performance

The gender of the manager giving the review didn’t make a difference.

Hollywood, the Circus, and Congress Are Fighting Over 'Tiger Selfies'

Activists want Congress to stop the mega-feline selfie craze, and some members are signing on to help.

The Head-On Politics of Going Around Congress on Climate Change

White House faces collision with GOP over global pact that wouldn't go through Senate.

How Promises Work

Living up to a social contract is inordinately valuable, and there's no pressure to exceed it.

The Extreme Partisanship of John Roberts's Supreme Court

Like Barack Obama, the chief justice came into office promising an age of apolitical comity. And like the president, he has seen his dream die.