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Sen. Thomas Carper, D-Del.

Government curbs improper payments -- but not enough

U.S. controller tells senators of legal obstacles to catching and preventing mistakes.

House backs pay freeze extension

The GOP fiscal 2013 budget proposal includes provisions affecting federal benefits and salaries.

More career feds would join Senior Executive Service under new bill

Sen. Daniel Akaka’s legislation calls for fewer appointees.

Capital area charity drive’s expenses questioned

Audit suggests campaign workers should not be reimbursed for meals and travel.

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli is defending the 2010 health reform law before the Supreme Court.

White House defends solicitor general

Donald Verrilli's health-care-law arguments before the Supreme Court have been criticized.

Three House members take up TSA whistleblower’s cause

The lawmakers lend support to a U.S. air marshal who says he was fired after speaking out in 2003.

The Upside of High Turnover

In the competitive cybersecurity field, allowing movement can help recruit from a narrow pool of talent.

A Wallenda brother walks the tightrope.

Why I Don’t Believe in Work/Life Balance

I’m here to tell you that in an age of doing more with less – or in some cases, less with less – work/life balance is a myth.

The average temperature has risen more than four degrees in parts of Alaska since 1971, creating higher sea levels and erosion problems.

First major climate regs from Obama EPA sure to stir political debate

Long-awaited global-warming regulations could arrive Tuesday.