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Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine

Senator denounces Obama budget text on disclosure of contractor gifts

Susan Collins revives controversy over 2011 draft executive order.

OMB Controller Danny Werfel touts progress on recommendations from last year.

Watchdog finds tens of billions in cost cutting opportunities

GAO report outlines 51 areas where federal programs could be more efficient.

HHS Chief Kathleen Sebelius recently praised the program as a key component in joint HHS-Justice Department successes in prosecuting Medicare fraud.

Medicare anti-fraud software disappoints senators

HHS stands by the predictive computer program.

Red Carpet Lessons in Keeping Your Cool

The most interesting part of the Oscar telecast last night happened before the awards show started.

Rep. Frank Guinta, R-N.H., introduced the bill in October.

CBO scores bill to require online posting of program spending

Government Results Transparency Act would cost the average agency $1 million.

Our polarized Congress: Divided we stand

National Journal's annual vote rankings show the depth and bitterness of the country's political divisions.

Leadership Lessons from DARPA

Last week, I had the opportunity to hear the director of DARPA, Regina Dugan, speak at a panel on leading innovation during a conference.

Cut! Capitol-security issues crimp moviemakers' style

Architect of the Capitol bans commercial filmmaking on all of his grounds.

Report: Debt would grow under all but one GOP contender

Only Texas Rep. Ron Paul's plans would reduce the national debt, thanks to huge promised spending reductions combined with tax cuts.