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A disagreement can be good for the political system.

Against Consensus

The more you agree with people on your side of political debates, the more likely you are to be wrong about the facts.

Health workers put on protective gear in Sierra Leone in 2013.

What Would Happen If Someone Got Ebola in America?

A secondary infection in the U.S. is highly unlikely. But here's how the healthcare system would respond if there was one.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy

Agency Chief Rebuffs Union Over Authority to More Quickly Fire Bad Employees

‘No one gets a free pass,’ EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy tells AFGE.

Al Gore was considered by some to be a 2008 contender in 2006.

16 People the Media Considered Presidential Contenders at This Time in 2006

A handy reminder that speculation is just that—speculation.

Why You Should Reset Your Brain and How to Do It

The research shows that you need to take regular breaks to reset your brain so that the focused attention and daydreaming networks can do their jobs.

The DEA Paid An Amtrak Secretary $854,460 for Free Passenger Lists

The secretary had "effectively been acting as an informant" who sold private passenger information without approval

Not Everyone Is Eligible for Phased Retirement

Law enforcement officers and air traffic controllers are among those feds who can’t take advantage of the government’s new HR tool.

The Obamacare Skyrocketing Premiums That Never Were

Premiums will rise 7.5 percent, much lower than expected.

Education Department Launches Review of the University of Phoenix

While the analysis of the nation's largest student financial aid recipient is standard practice, it comes at a time of increased scrutiny for the for-profit college sector.

How to Keep Your Agency Out of the Headlines

Don't let a crisis of leadership drag down your organization's performance.