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The Trust Factor

Employees who are kept out of the loop feel betrayed and become less productive.

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GSA launches review of acquisition rules

Goals include streamlining internal regulations, eliminating duplication with governmentwide rules and reducing burden on small firms.

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Intelligence CIO seeks product certification overhaul

Process for validating new technologies should be standardized across agencies, Dale Meyerrose says.

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Survey: Employees with dependent care duties are better off teleworking

Freedom to work from home improves the job performance and morale of employees with such responsibilities, study finds.

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Investigators close complaint about EPA communications project

Research office director hails IG’s findings, and calls attempt to discredit the effort “anti-science” and “anti-government.”

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Overhaul of emergency management system urged

Democrats call for removal of FEMA from Homeland Security, but DHS secretary resists calls for restructuring.

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Shopping Together

As agencies combine buying power, stragglers hurry to get on board.

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Report: DHS slow to enact border security recommendations

Implementation of security plans and privacy impact assessments are among neglected suggestions, GAO says.

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Senators grill Homeland Security chief over Katrina response

Chertoff admits preparations before the storm were inadequate and says he got conflicting information about damage from the hurricane.

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Food inspectors’ union rights reaffirmed

In first case of its kind, FLRA lets stand a decision to reinstate union representation stripped for national security reasons.

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