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Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., R-La., is a key critic of the law.

IRS defends implementation of health care law

Deputy commissioner tells GOP critical number of staff involved is 859.

Bradley Birkenfeld provided information on taxpayer behavior that the IRS had been unable to detect

IRS awards whistleblower $104 million in offshore banking case

National Whistleblower Center calls it the largest amount ever to an individual.

Obama v. Romney on federal pay, the size of government and management

A look at how the presidential candidates stack up on matters important to federal employees.

Election might not change the Pentagon’s course as much as you think

Brookings Institution panelists note Obama and Romney face the same fundamental defense issues.

Why We Lose Motivation at the Halfway Point

Research shows motivation plummets and we get stuck when we're in the middle of a task.

A Hotbed of Innovation: The Exciting New Initiative at Veterans Affairs

Jonah Czerwinski, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, on how VA instituted an innovation culture.

How to Read Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

With statistics, appearances can be deceiving--these tips will help you sort fact from fiction.

Fuel program for Afghan army jeopardized by missing records

Special inspector general warns Defense secretary of policy violations.

The End of PowerPoint As You Know It

Fewer bullet points and more images are the key to presentations that stick.

John J. Hickey, FAA's deputy associate administrator for aviation safety

Did an FAA employee violate Hatch Act by laying out budget scenarios?

OSC investigates official’s comments during Seattle town hall.