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The Plum Book web app is searchable and mobile-native.

The 'Plum Book' is out in print and digital formats

2012 edition features searchable Web app.

President Obama participates in an online chat on Reddit, Aug. 29. 2012. (Reddit)

Obama Tackles Questions about Fiscal Cliff on Twitter

President Obama took to Twitter to answer people's questions about tax increases associated with the fiscal cliff negotiations.

Best Way to Deal With the Debt Ceiling? Kill It

The best solution would be to abolish the debt ceiling forever.

Dems Press Republicans For Specific Fiscal Plans

Democrats on Sunday said the GOP needs to put forth specific plans to solve the problem.

The FBI is currently headquartered at the J. Edgar Hoover Building.

GSA makes long-awaited move to consolidate FBI headquarters

Requests for information are part of Obama plan to shrink federal footprint.

B.J. Upton, right, signed a free agent deal with the Atlanta Braves last week.

Baseball players are also worried about the fiscal cliff

Outfielder B.J. Upton asks for $3 million bonus to be paid before Dec. 31.

Sitting for More Than an Hour is Terrible for Your Health

More companies are pushing for standing desks citing growing evidence that sitting results in severe negative health consequences.

Month in Review: November's Top Stories

What we cared about this month.

'Zero Dark Thirty:' Hunting Down Osama Bin Laden All Over Again

So much of this movie is real, and in new and surprising ways, which makes it newsy and relevant here and now, three weeks before its release. A review of Kathryn Bigelow's thorough and satisfying depiction of the most famous manhunt of our time.

Presidential Management Fellows are mostly happy

Study also shows they would like more guidance from supervisors and better orientation to program.