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New government report card coming in late 2007

Nonprofit group aims to measure workforce quality, leadership and public support.

GSA finalizes merger of contracting organizations

Amount of authority the consolidated acquisition office will have over regional offices is not settled.

Iraq reconstruction failures tied to contracting breakdowns

As the longest-serving members of project teams, contractors often run the show in Iraq, author of new book says.

Report: Agency loss of personal information widespread

Some agencies have failed to track data breaches or notify the affected individuals, House committee finds.

Bush, lawmakers at odds over qualifications for FEMA chief

Bush says he may not abide by appropriations measure's requirement that emergency management chief have at least five years of related experience.

Working group to study online procurement

Group will review agencies that use "creative" buying services, and issue a best practices guide.

Army Corps competition for IT work strains staff

Some information management offices have lost more than a third of their employees since public-private contest began.

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Even with good cause, taking agency documents is against the law.

Forum discussion probes contracting challenges

Attendees recommend replacing “acquisition” with “purchasing” to make jobs sound more appealing.

Privacy groups rap DHS plan to limit access to clearance information

Proposal could make half of data gathered during background investigations off-limits to applicants, one opponent says.