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OMB Instructs Agencies on Freezing Real Estate Footprint

Reducing office space, increasing use of co-location encouraged.

Metro Takes $8 Million Sequestration Hit

Furloughs could cost another $10 million, with ridership already declining as fares rise.

3 Must-Follow Tips For Successfully Implementing New Tech Initiatives

Rolling out new technology in your organization? Three steps for new tech success.

Thomas E. Perez, Assistant Attorney General of the U.S. Justice Department's civil rights division.

Analysis: Labor Nominee Draws Unfair Criticism

Conservatives go after the head of the Voting Rights Section of the Justice Department for "cruddy" lawyering and "racial scaremongering against voter ID laws."

Ask EIG: 5 Steps to Stop a New Appointee From Killing Your Project

How can we avoid new leaders disrupting existing plans and momentum?

“We’re getting emails and inquiries from employees who are interested in doing that,” NTEU's Colleen Kelley said Thursday.

Unions Bargain for Voluntary Furloughs

Those opting for unpaid leave forfeit some protections, and it may not help colleagues anyway, OPM warns.

Postal Service Should Consider Larger Role for Private Sector, Report Says

NAPA withholds judgment on cost-cutting proposal, says major questions remain unanswered.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.

Legislation Would Scrap Annual Budget Process

Lawmakers seek to move Congress to a two-year cycle to give agencies more fiscal certainty.

The absence of timely budgets creates “an uncertainty tax,” Sen. Thomas Carper, D-Del., said.

Crisis Budgeting Creates an 'Uncertainty Tax,' Senator Says

Constant continuing resolutions breed waste, low morale, witnesses tell panel.

The Secret to Productivity: Cute Videos of Kitties?

Research shows indulging in cute animal videos can, in fact, increase productivity.