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Labor Department tries a new way of releasing sensitive jobs data

Friday’s monthly rollout goes smoothly as modified new security safeguards are phased in.

The incredible shrinking American government

Federal agencies lost 52,000 jobs in the past year; local governments felt even more pain.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., sponsored the Senate version of the bill.

The price tag for a proposal to root out program duplication: $100 million

Cost of requiring agencies to track all programs would not be offset by any revenues, CBO says.

Programs for disabled job seekers are fragmented, repetitive, GAO finds

At least nine agencies provide related offerings , watchdog says.

Washington agencies to return to normal operating procedures on Friday

That means an end to the unscheduled leave and telework policy that has been in effect since severe storms hit last week.

Their Perception Is Your Reality Revisited

How people perceive you is as important as anything.

The Obama way: Assessing the president's management approach

Commander-in-chief says he's made more mistakes in communications than in setting policies.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-CT.

Contractors seek changes in bill to curb human trafficking

Senate panel’s approval brightens prospects for passage.