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‘Lead by Example,’ Obama Says in Push for Greener Federal Buildings

Targets set as part of larger plan to address climate change.

The National Palace from the Fort Nationale neighborhood in Port-au-Prince has not been rebuilt since the 2010 earthquake.

USAID Producing 'Mixed Results' in Rebuilding Haiti, GAO Finds

Port construction is two years late due to lack of expertise, auditors say.

Drinking Coffee Doesn’t Cramp Creativity; It Helps Drive It

Consumed right, coffee can unleash your creativity.

The Most Persuasive Word You Can Use in a Meeting is “Yeah”

New MIT study identifies the most effective words used in meetings.

Obama's Last Hope for Climate Change: EPA

The president is getting serious about regulatory changes.

The Health Benefits of Working With Your Hands

The scientific reasons why knowledge workers need to do more with their hands.

6 Ways to Get Important People to Email You Back

Ways you can perfect the art of email writing--and get a response when you need it.

Why Is It So Hard to Hire Great People?

Inside the messy art (and questionable science) of predicting stars at Google, the NFL, and the NBA

Focus on What You Can Do Now

One of the biggest barriers to being present is worrying about what might happen in the future.

An outdoor screen in Hong Kong shows an Edward Snowden interview.

Why Edward Snowden Is Looking to Ecuador for Asylum

President Rafael Correa welcomed Julian Assange into the "club of the persecuted." Will he do the same for Snowden?