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Analysis: John Kerry, Obama's diplomat

The secretary of State nominee will appear before lawmakers on Thursday for his confirmation hearing.

Jennifer Granholm was a speaker at the Democratic National Convention in September.

The case for Jennifer Granholm as Labor secretary

Granholm has the stature and the media savvy to put income inequality at the center of the national debate.

Give Feds Permission to Screw Up

Operating out of fear, fear that is often self-imposed, is never a good formula for success.

CFC charity groups obscuring overhead costs, report finds

Federations criticized for lack of transparency in collecting administrative fees.

What Obama Doesn't Get About Gender Inequality

Caring for children and other loved ones makes it harder for women (and some men) to keep up.

Rand Paul Would Have Fired Hillary Clinton

If he were president, the Senator told Clinton, he would have dismissed her.

Perceptions About Health Care Spending Are Wrong

The conventional wisdom about government health care spending misses the mark.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., was among those requesting the study.

Agencies could communicate better during rule-making, GAO says

More than one-third of major regulations are published without prior public notice.

Distractions abound: In an image from the inauguration, the entire Obama family is seen using their smartphones.

3 Ways to Cure Your Smartphone ADD

Three simple ways to remedy your Executive ADD and be a better leader.