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Pentagon Still Doesn’t Have a Grasp on Improper Payments, Auditors Find

Estimate of $1.1 billion 'not statistically valid,' says GAO.

A Brief History of the US Government’s Awful Graphic Design

For as much as feds use PowerPoint, we're pretty bad at it.

Commentary: President Obama Doesn't Welcome Debate, He Actively Thwarts It

When the White House says it values debate on balancing civil liberties and national security, it's being disingenuous.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., speaks during a hearing regarding IRS conference spending.

Conference With Line Dances, Swag Wouldn’t Happen Today, Says IRS Official

IRS deputy says $4.1 million event for 2,600 managers in 2010 would not occur under current guidelines.

President Barack Obama meets with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

3 Lessons From Obama on Building Relationships With Other Leaders

Obama is set to host the president of China at a California resort this weekend.

Analysis: The Bush-Obama White House Spies on Us

'Bush-Obama era' will be long remembered for curbing the Constitution.

What the New U.N. Ambassador Pick Says About Obama

A look at Samantha Power on American intervention and U.N. missions.

Forget the Charm, Keep the Offensive: Obama's Aggressive New Strategy

Appointing Susan Rice as a top aide, attacking Darrell Issa, and fighting for judicial nominees show Obama and his allies don't want to make nice.

The Secret to a Relaxing Vacation: Send All Your Email to the Trash

Need a real break? Delete all your emails while you're away.