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Germans rally in support of Edward Snowden in Berlin in August.

Edward Snowden Is More Admired than President Obama in Germany and Russia

Obama wants the fugitive leaker to return home and face trial, but a lot of Europe still loves him.

The Four Big Digital Government Trends in 2015

And the tools you'll need to keep up.

House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz

Oversight Leaders From Both Parties Endorse Pay Raise for Feds

But agreement over treatment of federal workforce largely stops there.

Justice Department Exec Pulled Strings to Get Son Hired, IG Finds

The watchdog found ethics violations in the Interpol Washington office.

How Not to Ask for a Recommendation Letter

When we work up the courage to ask, we often end up saying the wrong thing.

Government’s Publisher Cuts Staff by 5 Percent Through Buyouts

The agency estimates it will save $7 million in fiscal 2015 from trimming workforce.

FutureGen is Done: Energy Ends Troubled Bush-Era Coal Electricity Project

A 12-year-old vision for a public-private partnership to create an advanced, climate-friendly coal-fired power plant has come to an apparent end.

Obama Administration Frustrates Inspectors General on Records Access

House hearing on agency 'stonewalling' reveals split over which laws take precedence.

Hoffice is based in Stockholm.

Work From Home, Just Not Alone and Not in Your Own Home

The Scandinavian startup Hoffice aims to bring rigor and productivity to the concept of home-based co-working spaces.