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Passport Officers Are No Better at Performing Photo ID Checks Than You Are

Familiar faces are very easy for humans to identify, but faces we’ve never seen before are extremely difficult to match up to a photograph.

Unlocking the PerformanceStat Potential

Progress isn't just about performance measures, it is a leadership strategy.

Uber Snags Former Obama Campaign Guru

David Plouffe will head the ride-sharing company’s policy team.

Medicare Could Do More to Stop Duplicate Payments to Providers

Better coordination of contractors could help curb improper payments.

Why Employers Favor Dads Asking for Flexibility

Flexible work decisions are “inherently subjective” because they decided case-by-case by supervisors.

Rep. Ron Barber, who sponsored a bill to end the government's contribution to lawmakers' health care plans, will donate the government's contribution to his insurance to charity.

Congress Members Can't Have the Same Obamacare As Everyone Else

Ron Barber joined the list of lawmakers who want you to know they're living with Obamacare just like us on Monday.

Inject Some Life Into Your Daily Grind

There are simple ways to restore your energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

The Arctic Is Losing an Alarming Amount of Snow

NASA and NOAA reports show snow depth on sea ice has fallen by as much as half in the past 50 years.

The Thing Employers Look For When Hiring Recent Graduates

It's not something that can be done on campus. It's an internship.