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Agencies could make smarter training program investments, watchdog finds

Better guidance could help avoid duplication and ineffective program, GAO says.

When Did 'Apology' Become a Dirty Word?

An apology shows that a leader is self-aware, capable of self-deprecation and open to change

Is Collaboration Creating Action or Stalling Progress?

It's often said that a camel is a horse designed by committee--how do you find the balance between going it alone and collaboration?

The Fed Who Took a Risk and Saved Lives

How Dr. Lynn Mofenson virtually eliminated HIV transmissions between mother and child.

Sick of Political Fisticuffs? Blame The Jet Plane

Would you believe the airplane is partly to blame for the partisan stalemate?

Mitt Romney campaigned in the Ohio rain Friday.

Analysis: Romney’s ‘47 percent' talk explains his struggles with swing voters

Independents disagree with his views on government's role.

Video: Clearly Identify Problems Before 'Solving' Them

A look at the concept of ChangeCasting and the building blocks of problem solving.

Romney spoke during campaign stops in Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, Calif., Monday.

Romney outlines $500 billion in annual pay, workforce, program cuts

GOP nominee pledges improved efficiency and sharply increased productivity.

Romney says Obama voters are 'dependent upon government'

Speaking at a fundraiser, the GOP candidate says 47 percent of 'no matter what' Obama voters seek handouts.

For Romney and Managers Everywhere, How Do You Fix Bad Strategy?

A few questions to help any leader gut check their strategy.