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The Case For Intense Background Checks For Hires

Research firm Muddy Waters has adopted a distinctive hiring process which relies on outside researchers to poke holes in candidates’ backstories.

IRS Re-Hired Employees Who Performed Poorly or Misbehaved

Watchdog finds repeat hires with overdue taxes, unexcused absences or criminal records.

Jeb Bush Is No Anti-Government Crusader

Would-be GOP presidential contender calls for “smarter, effective government.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., hasn't shared how he plans to proceed.

These Are Republicans' Options for Averting a Shutdown at DHS

GOP leaders have two legislative weeks before a partial shutdown.

How I Lead: I See Opportunities Everywhere

A conversation with DHS procurement executive Jeff Bardwell.

Secretary Bob McDonald has been out recruiting future doctors from medical schools.

Wanted: More Docs and Nurses at VA

The department’s largest staffing shortages are in jobs it needs the most, according to watchdog.

Secret Justice Department Memo Reveals Census Data Is Off Limits to Government Spying

The 2010 legal opinion may reveal the first known restriction on mass surveillance carried out under the Patriot Act.

Germans rally in support of Edward Snowden in Berlin in August.

Edward Snowden Is More Admired than President Obama in Germany and Russia

Obama wants the fugitive leaker to return home and face trial, but a lot of Europe still loves him.

The Four Big Digital Government Trends in 2015

And the tools you'll need to keep up.