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Resident Antonio Garces tries to recover his belongings from his house destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in Aguacate, Cuba, Thursday Oct. 25, 2012. Hurricane Sandy blasted across eastern Cuba on Thursday as a potent Category 2 storm and headed for the Bahamas

Hurricane Sandy: How Government Uses Social Media for Disaster Response

The government is using social media in innovative ways to get help where it's needed fast.

Fort Baker abuts the Golden Gate Bridge.

Analysis: Lessons from a reinvented military base

The transformation of obsolete military facilities can occur anywhere.

HUD, VA Team Seeks to End Vet Homelessness by 2015

The two federal departments reported a 12 percent drop in homelessness among veterans, from about 76,000 in 2010 to 67,000, as of January 2011.

Nerd Camp! A Solution to the Dwindling Cybersecurity Workforce?

Cyber camps are effective and changing how we train kids for the jobs of tomorrow.

Allison Macfarlane

NRC chief says agency prioritized lessons from Japan disaster

Macfarlane calls U.S. response more thoughtful than that after Three Mile Island accident.

Fed gets jail time for personal purchases on a government credit card

HHS employee improperly spent $114,000, Justice says.

Hurricane Sandy Threatens East Coast—How to Prepare

FEMA has issued guidance to make sure you're prepared for a direct hit.

Jim Nussle, the former Office of Management and Budget director under George W. Bush, appeared at the event Thursday.

Fiscal 'cliff' might look more like a gradual, downward slope

Ex-budget chief says terminology may be too dramatic.

Smart Policies for Smartphones in the Workplace

New hires will have different expectations for the technology employers provide.

Bloomberg Talks Leadership, Says Approval Ratings Mean Squat

The New York Mayor says the point of the job is to get things done, not have high ratings.