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Private sector may be invited to join in human resources consolidation

A request for proposals expected this summer would allow contractors to compete against federal service centers.

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Come Together

The military must foster partnerships as it focuses on stability operations.

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GAO: IRS procedural flaws leave taxpayer materials vulnerable

Unauthorized access to secure areas, slow processing of large payments, procedures for hiring juveniles were among the problems.

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Defense agency resumes processing some clearances

Move will help 2,000 secret-level applications; Top Secret credentials and requests for re-investigations still stalled.

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House panels OK conflicting plans to fix FEMA

One measure would make the agency independent again; other would keep it within the Homeland Security Department.

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Rumsfeld presses for resolution of impasse on supplemental funding

Neither the White House nor House leaders want the final price tag to exceed $94.5 billion.

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Border security initiative means more work for DHS

Department to assume responsibility for additional detainees, enforcement.

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EEOC seeks to offer buyouts, early outs to headquarters employees

Funds freed up would be used to hire investigators, mediators and attorneys for field offices.

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House conservatives prepare attack on earmarks

Appropriators have been quick to point out that total earmarks are down in the first few fiscal 2007 appropriations bills, compared with last year.

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Justice agency, union reach telework agreement

About 750 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives employees will have greater flexibility to work away from the office under new policy.

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