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Export Packing

Bosses often tout bad apples as terrific employees just to get rid of them.

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VA to fire data analyst responsible for records breach

Memorandum notes that phone numbers were among the records stolen from the home of an agency employee.

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DHS awards 32 percent less than last year in state, local grants

State Homeland Security Grant program takes the biggest hit, with a 49 percent reduction.

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Prosecution nears end of case against Safavian

GSA ethics officer says she was unaware of Abramoff’s interests in GSA-controlled properties.

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Report: Some appointees improperly got career jobs

“Burrowing in” to the civil service is an accepted practice, but must follow merit system procedures, GAO notes.

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High court: On-the-job whistleblowing not free speech

Supreme Court ruling limits lawsuits against agency retaliation over on-the-job disclosure of government misconduct.

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Legislator asks OMB to make Treasury drop telecom contract

Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., reiterates support for GSA’s Networx solicitation, condemns Treasury’s rival plan.

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House to vote on bill reviving FAA-union negotiations

Legislation would need approval of two-thirds of members to pass.

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DHS personnel system funding takes another hit

Language passed by House would shift $15 million away from the office implementing the pay-for-performance system.

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VA mandates new background checks in wake of data loss

Theft of personal information on 26.5 million veterans results in review of data access policies.

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