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You Probably Write a Novel's Worth of Email Every Year

The average worker writes a book about the length of The Great Gatsby in email each year.

The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Chiefs of Staff

Rahm Emanuel, Dick Cheney and what it takes to do Washington's second-most-powerful job.

Blocking potential Treasury nominee gets the GOP nowhere in debt ceiling fight

Attempt could backfire and serve only to strengthen Obama’s hand.

President Obama speaks during a cabinet meeting in 2011.

Obama’s Cabinet not as diverse this time

This term the cabinet will feature more longtime Obama allies.

The training conferences in question were held in Orlando.

Second Veterans Affairs official resigns after conference overspending

Fallout continues from 2011 Orlando training sessions that cost $6.1 million.

Social Security official’s term expires next week

Obama hasn’t nominated a successor yet to lead cash-strapped agency.

Report: Ex-FEMA official will plead guilty in Gallup conflict-of-interest case

Federal prosecutors charge human capital chief with soliciting job with contractor.

14 Terrible Things People Like More Than Congress

New poll shows Congress less popular than cockroaches and traffic jams.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

U.S. could hit debt ceiling earlier than anticipated, report finds

Treasury will reach borrowing limit between Feb. 15 and March 1.

The Emergency Debt Plan That Would Put U.S. Citizens Second

If the federal government can't pay its bills on time, the nation could start paying its lenders, many of them foreign, before its citizens.