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Some Presidential Management Fellows Find Their Agencies and Managers Lacking

The competitive and prestigious two-year program still remains overwhelmingly popular, according to a new survey.

JPMorgan Says Government Purchase Cards Not Affected by Hack

Expense cards and government customers were not affected by this summer’s bank hack.

Thomas Frieden attends a meeting with the president and other officials via teleconference Oct. 15.

Battling Ebola Without a Surgeon General

A strange set of circumstances has brought Thomas Frieden, the director of CDC, into the national spotlight.

Morale Problems? What Would Your Employees Do?

Improving performance starts with winning hearts and minds.

Americans Prefer Male Bosses, Even though Women are Better for Business

Though the popularity of women bosses has improved since the 1950s, it hasn’t changed much in this century.

TSA Administrator to Resign

Agency’s labor-friendly and longest serving chief will step down at the end of the year.

Ebola Has the FDA Working Overtime on Reviewing Experimental Drugs

"It's like a race against time," says one top U.S. health official about fighting the deadly virus.

Drinking Coffee, for Your Health

Research suggests that a person's consumption of the beverage is determined in part by his or her DNA—and that its benefits could extend beyond a caffeine buzz.

Data Is Driving STEM Recruitment

From heat maps to workforce demographics, the search for talent is on.