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House panel approves Defense, Labor-HHS spending bills

Full chamber passes $94.5 billion supplemental spending measure for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, border security, hurricane relief and pandemic flu ...

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House GOP leader previews report on cutting government waste

Next week, House is scheduled to take up line-item veto, sunset commission legislation.

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NASA admits mistake in blocking access to scientist

Denial of interview with top climate scientist ran against agency policy, official says in letter to lawmakers.

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Data breaches raise more questions about computer security law

Recent rash of reported IT security problems at agencies has lawmakers considering changes to the Federal Information Security Management Act.

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Human resources consolidation project advances

OPM signals that federal shared service providers will compete with the private sector, but details have yet to be released.

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VA opposes bill to let veterans hire lawyers

Legislation being pushed in House and Senate would allow vets to use legal counsel to help in obtaining benefits.

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Subpanel votes to remove disaster housing from FEMA

Bill would shift responsibility to HUD and would allow only three emergency housing trailers per site to avoid crowding.

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Negotiators reach deal on supplemental spending bill

Senate appropriators agree to trim $14.4 billion from their version of bill to meet Bush's demands.

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Corporate disaster response team hailed as model of efficiency

Time to fix communications infrastructure in typical scenario is less than 24 hours, AT&T officials say.

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Bill to reopen FAA labor negotiations fails

National Air Traffic Controllers Association vows to continue the fight against the contract the agency recently implemented.

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