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Obama Can’t Avoid Keystone XL Anymore

Court decision puts decision on controversial pipeline back in president's lap

How HR Departments Can Assert Their Value

Human resources has an emerging role in building healthy organizations with engaged workforces.

Federal Agencies Shed Nearly 20,000 Jobs in 2014

Job loss is actually an improvement on the previous year.

Republicans to Battle Obama on Immigration

Republicans are gearing up to use the Homeland Security funding bill to attack the president's executive order.

Keystone XL Supporters Score Victory in Nebraska Court Decision

Court ruling clears the way for Obama to approve or reject the controversial oil sands project.

Consider How You Want Them to Feel

Focus on the other person in the conversation in your meetings.

Congress Just Found a Way to Make Deficits Disappear

This bit of accounting trickery could have dire consequences for the budget.

Why Every Agency Needs a Chief Management Officer

The top leader can't do it all in a mere 168-hour week.

A sign protesting the Keystone XL pipeline stands in Nebraska in 2013.

The Last-Ditch Environmental Push to Defeat Keystone XL

Greens are desperate to keep pro-pipeline majority under veto-proof levels.

RFK Stadium is situated on land owned by the federal government.

Why D.C. Better Hope It Wins the U.S. Olympic Bid

The city is already sticking itself with the worst downsides of hosting the games. At least this way, it would be forced to make crucial improvements.