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What if we didn't know Hurricane Sandy was coming?

The New York Times reports that dying satellites threaten our ability to forecast storms in the years ahead.

Top Free Smartphone Apps for Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Essential apps you'll need on your smartphone to weather Hurricane Sandy.

A support holds a sign at an Ohio Obama campaign event earlier in the year.

Obama cancels Monday campaigning due to storm

Both presidential candidates are scheduling around the Sandy.

Obama: With win, mandate for balanced debt approach

President predicts 'war' in the Republican party if he wins election.

Obama met with FEMA and military leaders Sunday.

Assistance available for feds hit by storm

Nonprofit group collects donations and distributes financial aid.

Washington-area agencies closed on Monday

Metro system also closed as Hurricane Sandy bears down on city.

President pledges to cut through bureaucracy in hurricane response

"We’re not going to get bogged down with a lot of rules," he says of relief efforts.

National Hurricane Center workers monitor the storm Friday.

Feds ready East Coast for Hurricane Sandy

Washington, Maryland and Virginia all declare state of emergency.

Week in Review: Debates, Bayonets, and Hurricane Sandy

Your favorite five stories on Excellence in Government this week.

Former ambassador Thomas Pickering signed the letter.

Retired diplomats call for boosts in State Department hiring

Austerity budgets threaten transition following wind-down of two wars, report warns.