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Transforming Acquisition for the Future

A guide for federal buyers in the Collaboration Age.

Quit Your Job

The surprising benefits of taking your 20s to use the labor market as a laboratory, rather than commit to the first company that happens to hire you

Justice Dept. Immigration Officials Faulted for Nepotism

Watchdog says practice of hiring relatives was “widespread.”

Have You Heard? Gossip Is Actually Good and Useful

Talking behind other people's backs may not always be nice, but sometimes it can help promote cooperation and self-improvement.

"We have to make sure whatever disciplinary action we take sticks," VA Secretary Bob McDonald tells reporters.

VA Secretary Says He’s Moving as Fast as Possible to Remove Bad Apples

Bob McDonald responds to criticism that the department has been too slow to sack top leaders involved in falsifying patient care documents and other controversies.

​Millennials’ Romance With Federal Service Need Not Last a Lifetime

Even in short stints, young workers bring a lot to government.

The Howard M. Metzenbaum U.S. Courthouse in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of hundreds of federal buildings that received funding under the 2009 Recovery Act.

GSA Credits Recovery Act for Energy-Efficient Buildings

Fifty-nine federal facilities averaged a 5.5 percent drop in energy use last winter, one of the harshest in years.

Where Age Equals Happiness

In the U.S., well-being tends to be highest in a person's earliest and latest years. But elsewhere, new research shows, quality of life follows a very different pattern.

Actually, the Elections Were About Making Government Work

But can Republicans deliver on that promise?

5 Questions for Leaders Who Would Rather Be Effective Than Right

Quit explaining and start listening to the people you work with.