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TSA, union reach agreement on labor contract

First-ever collective bargaining agreement at agency wrapped up in marathon bargaining session.

Industry accused of exaggerating job losses from sequestration

Analyst says such a detailed estimate could not be accurate.

OMB to agencies: We’ll help you plan for sequestration, but we hope it doesn’t happen

Agency’s acting director says Congress should avoid automatic cuts, find bipartisan solution.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., left, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.,

Congress votes to streamline Senate confirmation process

About 170 nominations and 3,000 military officer positions will no longer require Senate approval.

Agencies aren't fully reimbursing IRS

The tax service ends up using its own operating budget for work it does for other departments, TIGTA finds.

Agency financial chiefs lukewarm on campaign against waste

White House initiative not always aligned with agency missions, survey respondents say.

Romney campaign spokesman Rick Gorka traveled with the candidate to the U.K., Poland and Israel.

Video: Romney spokesman tells reporters to 'shove it'

Gorka later apologized to journalists after telling them to "kiss my ass" in Warsaw.

Postal Service prepares for default, but says business will continue as usual

USPS cannot meet its $5.5 billion mandated retiree health benefit prefunding requirements by Aug. 1.

Labor Department: Contractors should not send pre-sequester layoff notices

Such actions aren't needed because it's not certain a sequester will go into effect, ruling states.