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Cabinet chiefs make list of 25 most influential women in Washington

Political insiders select Hillary Clinton and Janet Napolitano.

Video: Obama admits he failed to see job goes beyond policy

Says he learned he needed to "tell a story to the American people."

Women in Washington: We have to work harder to get ahead

Job opportunities are not equal, they say.

The actual Gestapo leadership in Germany in 1939. From left to right are Franz Josef Huber, Arthur Nebe, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich and Heinrich Müller.

Maine governor again compares IRS to Gestapo

Asked if the agency would kill people, Paul LePage said, "they’re headed in that direction."

Service members weigh in on pay versus benefits

Survey finds compensation preferences vary among the ranks.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has said Congress should not be so quick to cut Defense jobs solely to avoid sequestration.

Some Defense civilians likely to lose jobs, with or without sequestration

Proposals to avoid automatic cuts involve downsizing.

Mistakes sharing death data could cost taxpayers

IG report finds Social Security recorded 1.2 million deaths improperly.

Three Steps to Avoid an E-Mail Disaster

Take some time and avoid problems, says our management coach.

Hal Rogers said in a statement Wednesday morning. "The 12 annual appropriations bills cannot be swept under the rug and ignored until a more convenient political time."

House to take up Defense spending bill, hold off on others

After consideration of Defense appropriations measure next week, no other spending bills are likely to make it to the floor before lame duck session.

Calling all federal employees with great waste-cutting ideas

SAVE competition submissions due by July 24.