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How Washington Looks to Sun Tzu for Leadership

Heeding The Art of War, Obama and GOP finally break bread to bend wills.

Energy Department Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman has sent letters to at least 10 governors outlining coming cuts to states partnering in programs

Four Agencies' Varied Approaches to Sequestration

Flexibility and timing addressed differently at IRS, HUD, HHS and Energy.

U.S. Ambassador Asks U.N. Colleagues to Stop Showing Up Drunk to Meetings

A "modest proposal" for making negotiating rooms "an inebriation-free zone."

5 Rules for Leading Through Uncertainty

Just about everyone in and around Washington is trying to figure out what to do next with the sequester.

Analysis: Hooray for Marissa Mayer

Winning in Silicon Valley is about technology, but it is about culture as well. Mayer's first job at Yahoo is to build culture, and she needs her deputies in the office.

GSA’s Step Toward Selling Old Heating Plant Draws Barbed Praise

House Republicans welcome close of auction and $19.5 million bid for Georgetown property.

Continuing Resolution Muddies USPS Plan to End Saturday Delivery

Bill would require six-day delivery, but some lawmakers want Postal Service to continue with service reduction.

No, the U.S. Will Never Turn Into Greece

There is no evidence that countries like the United States face debt tipping points

Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas

Republican Bill Aims to Stop Sequestration Furloughs

Legislation would require OMB to detail how agencies can transfer funds to stave off furloughs during sequester.

The State Department Has an LGBT Travel Guide

Department has launched a Q&A page and a country-specific guide to LGBT regulations