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Scientists Make Progress in Slowing Diabetes

NIH-funded researchers discover hormone that might slow or stop the progression of diabetes.

“Federal agencies made an estimated $108 billion in improper payments for fiscal year 2012, a small reduction from previous years,” noted Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del.

Push to Curb Payments to Dead Beneficiaries Intensifies

Senate panel welcomes Obama plans to improve data accuracy and widen agency access.

Analysis: The CIA Shouldn't Get to Vet the Torture Report

Obama is making history beholden to the institution that has the biggest incentive to distort it.

7 Guaranteed Ways to Destroy Your Productivity

Sometimes it's best to explore what not to do...

Air Force Yanks 17 Officers From Nuclear Missile Launch Posts

The ICBM unit faces internal 'rot' and a state of 'crisis,' official says.

Big Business Isn’t Investing in People Anymore, So Big Government Has To

We cannot set an arbitrary limit on government spending without looking at the broader historical picture.

Analysis: Should We Trust Government?

Obama urges Ohio grads to trust fellow Americans with 'awesome authority.' Mistrust is more prudent.

Can Stress Actually Make You go Gray?

Your shock of silver may not be the fault of the government.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, accused the Justice Department of delays in releasing documents concerning Perez’s 2011 intervention in a Minnesota discrimination case.

Senator Charges Justice with Cover-Up on Labor Nominee

Dispute over Thomas Perez complicates whistleblower hearing.

From Death Stars to Guns, How 'We The People' Reveals the Mood of a Nation

The White House's "We the People" initiative is creating a new model for citizen engagement.