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Former FDA employees sue agency, allege email surveillance

The scientists and doctors say the information gathered on them contributed to harassment and wrongful termination, the Post reports.

State Department drones still patrolling Iraqi skies

Iraqi officials complain that the drones are an affront to their new nation's sovereignty.

Sen. Joe Lieberman and other Connecticut lawmakers say another round wouldn’t help Pentagon hit targets for budget cuts.

Congress not warming to proposed new base-closing commission

Resistance flashed by members of both parties, especially in New England.

Recovery Act spurs risk management lessons at Energy

Program that funded now-bankrupt solar firm Solyndra was mostly well managed, IG finds.

Arlington Cemetery shows much improvement, but problems remain

Despite progress after investigations of mismanagement, operations are still under a watchful eye.

Gingrich's moon plan finds little love at debate

Rivals criticize idea as pandering to Florida interests, joke about sending politicians to the new colony.

A moon base? Tried that

Newt Gingrichs space plan may not be quite as grandiose as he thinks.

Administration to request new round of base closures

Defense secretary says there’s ‘no more effective process’ than BRAC, despite failings.

Budget preview hits Defense contractors on weapons and management

Panetta aims to save $60 billion in five years by ‘improving business practices across the department.’

Federal workers' comp program remains vulnerable to fraud

Several bills are pending in Congress that would tighten up oversight of benefits for feds injured on the job.