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Employees, unions get further details on furloughs

Process would not unfold immediately on Jan. 2, and would not be the same across all agencies.

Analysis: Reading tea leaves of political appointments not yet made

Is the White House side-stepping the Senate confirmation process?

USPS must pay for retirees now or later, GAO says

Agency faces stark choices in balancing short-term needs and long-term obligations.

New committee will review federal travel policies

First item on the agenda? Per-diem rates.

Obama orders end to pay freeze in spring

Move would end two-year prohibition on across-the-board increases.

Analysis: Is Chuck Hagel being punished for stance on Iraq?

For too many lawmakers, a Defense Secretary Hagel would be a nagging reminder of what they got wrong.

Treasury Department

How to delay a national default in 3 steps

Treasury can take certain actions to buy a little more time.

Bob Perciasepe

Who will succeed Jackson as EPA head?

Here are six possible candidates for the job.

What happens If we go over the fiscal cliff?

A number of cringe-inducing provisions go into effect in the New Year and beyond.