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OMB Posts Progress on Cross-agency Goals

First quarterly report launched during Sunshine Week.

Analysis: The Sequester Will Devastate U.S. Science Research for Decades

Cutting the meager amount the federal government spends on basic science would do little to meet short-term fiscal goals while incurring huge costs in the future.

GSA Finds Buyer for Long-Vacant Plant in Washington

Auction-winning partnership will build Four Seasons Hotel residences and park in Georgetown.

The firm that manages the Los Alamos National Laboratory “received only 68 percent of its possible at-risk award fee of $46.5 million for the last budget year."

NNSA Defends Contract Extensions but Congressional Scrutiny Expected

Issue is likely to come up at oversight hearings in the next few months.

Do You Need to Meet Everyone You Hire?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may provide a cautionary tale.

Those National Debt Clocks on Congressional Websites Are Wrong

An analysis of 56 debt clocks found 16 different figures.

The Curiosity rover holding a scoop of powdered rock on Mars. The rover recently drilled into a Martian rock for the first time and transferred a pinch of powder to its instruments to analyze the chemical makeup.

There Could Have Been Life on Mars

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover drilled into a rock and found that it contained a clay-like material.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md.

Senate Bill Upholds Pay Freeze

Both chambers extend federal salary freeze through 2013 in legislation to avoid government shutdown.

Parks were closed during the government shutdown that spanned parts of 1994 and 1995.

Deal in Sight to Keep the Government Open

House looks poised to accept Senate's 2013 budget proposal.

Obama signed an Executive Order to cut waste and promote efficient spending in 2011.

Ryan Budget Would Mimic Obama’s Anti-Waste Campaign

Large-scale policy proposals accompanied by bids to curb duplication, improper payments.