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Creating Cultural Change That Sticks

How does a leader change the culture of an organization that is resistant to change?

Penny Pritzker is considered a top contender for the Commerce job.

Obama's Cabinet and other top jobs

A rundown of who's coming, who's going and which spots the president has yet to fill.

President asks for second sequester delay

Obama urges Congress to craft short-term deal that includes ‘balanced mix’ of spending cuts and tax reform before March 1.

The Family and Medical Leave Act at 20: Still Necessary, Still Not Enough

Two decades ago, President Bill Clinton signed the FMLA. It remains the only piece of legislation aimed at helping to manage the work-life balance.

Will Chuck Hagel clear the Senate? White House thinks so

Victory for the Defense nominee would be narrow, administration concedes.

Why the White House keeps missing its budget deadline

White House has no date for when the proposal will come out.

Walter Cronkite Predicts Telework Way Back in 1967

“With equipment like this in the home of the future, we may not have to go to work.”

IRS stands by ID’s for tax preparers amid challenge to its authority

Agency plans to appeal recent ruling over its regulation of preparers.